Promotional Flash Drives in Wood, Wood or Wood

Well you can of course buy promotional flash drives in pretty much any material, shape, design and size you want but there does seem to be a bit of a “wood” thing going on at the moment. Maybe its because the wooden version of the flash drives are just a little bit different or maybe its because people are looking for something that a little more eco-friendly.

The wooden USB flash drives we supply are all made from renewable sources and whilst some are described as wood and feel like wood they are in fact made from bamboo which is one the fastest growing woody plants in the world and has great ecological credentials.

Wooden Twister Flash Drive

Wooden memory sticks also have the benefit of being very light, very strong and silky smooth to the touch. Typically these wooden drives are engraved, etched or embossed rather than printed because print tends to wear off relatively quickly. Another option is to engrave the surface and then apply ink to the engraved area.

As a material the factories are now looking at innovative ways to use wood in their standard designs with one of the best examples being the wooden USB barrels. These barrels have all the inherent characteristics of full size barrels including strength and design. Other options include wooden “twister” model and variations on the standard rectangular shapes you normally associate with USB memory sticks.

USB Barrel

When working with a natural material like wood it’s important to consider that there will always be colour variations across any bulk order and that the tone and colour of samples may vary slightly from the final delivery. There’s little that can be done about this because it’s the nature of the material and in some ways in adds to the overall effect.

You’ll pay a small premium for buying wooden promotional flash drives (currently around 20%) but if you do need something a little bit different and in particular if you need to supply something that has plenty of eco credentials and you want to associate your brand with this message then wooden memory sticks are the way to go.

Wooden Twisters

Don’t forget that pre-loading your sticks with data can offset their costs and help reduce your carbon footprint even further. Rather than print hundreds of sales brochures, presentation slide etc. and then transport them to your venue just load them up onto your wooded USB sticks.

So, if you are looking for something a little different and something that plays to the Green agenda then the latest generation of wooden (or bamboo) USB memory sticks are definately worth a look at. Give our sales team a call to talk through the options and prices and ask for a sample to get a feel for them in the flesh.

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