Printed USB Pens – The Write Choice

One of the most popular promotional products of all times has got to be the ubiquitous writing pen. Whether it’s a cheap and cheerful biro or a top of the range classic fountain pen they have been given away in the tens of millions.

Why? Well, for one thing you can pick them up for pennies so if your budget is tight then a simple, cheap, printed biro will often suffice. At the other end of the scale if you’re out to impress you can spend a small fortune of gilded fountain pens from some of the world’s top brands – ideal if you need a small number for a signing ceremony for example.

USB Pen and Tin

Pens are always a good choice because everyone uses them, many of us carry them around with us, they don’t need batteries or any other technology to use them and they are simple enough for everyone irrespective of age or demographic profile. Put simply you can’t really go wrong if you’re using a pen as a promotional tool or corporate give-away. The trick is to judge the amount you spend on pens to make sure the quality of the product reflects your target audience. Cheap is great but not every high flying corporate executive is going to be impressed with a “throw-away” biro and might just decide to do exactly that with it!

Coming hard on the heels of the humble pen on the “Promotional Products Most Wanted” list is the branded USB memory stick. This is a relative newcomer in the promotional sector having really only come to prominence in the last few years but boy is it catching up fast.

Branded USB Pens

Branded memory sticks or flash drives as they are often called are now significantly cheaper than they were and minimum order quantities have fallen to as low as 50 pieces. The beauty of these products is that unlike a pen you can pre-load all of your sales material, presentation slides, price lists, media files onto the flash memory and save yourself the cost of printing this collateral. This also makes them incredibly handy for anyone your distribute them to because not only do they not have to carry huge amounts of printed material around with them but they can use the space on the memory stick to store and save their own personal data.

Of course it is possible to combine the best of both worlds and buy branded USB pens. These are writing pens with an integral USB connector and built in flash memory. They work just like any pen and just like any USB flash drive. They’re available in a range of styles, colours and different price bands and they can all optionally be supplied in gift boxes.

So rather than just settling for another plain old pen why not consider a branded USB pen – they’re cheaper than you might think but make a great impression.

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