Printed USB Flash Drives in Shiny Metal Boxes

If you’re looking to give away USB flash drives printed with your company logo on at a trade show, an exhibition, a conference or a press launch then you’re not alone because thousands of companies give away millions of promotional USB Flash Drives every year.

Flash Drive Gift Boxes - Tins

With more and more companies using flash drives to promote their brand and products its important if you invest in them that they make an impact when you hand them out. You’ve only got a few seconds to attract and retain people attention so make the most of this time by doing the best job you can with your USB drives.

One option is to consider giving the USB flash drives out in a gift box. Admittedly you’ll have to contend with the anti-packaging lobby that are opposed to all sorts of unnecessary packaging because of the potential damage it does to the environment but arguably if you really want to make an impact packaging will give you the edge.

Tin Gift Boxes

There are lots of different packaging solutions for USB flash drives ranging from a basic white (unprinted) cardboard boxes all the way through to an aluminium tins with a custom foam insert for the USB drive and other accessories you are including (lanyards, keyrings etc.). Pretty much all of the boxed can be printed (the tins can be engraved) and they don’t add much to the overall cost albeit there is a bit of a “hit” on the carriage costs because of the increased weight.

If you opt for the presentation tins there are three different options: tin with “see through” window lid, tin with removable lid and finally a tin with a hinged lid.

Printed Tins really are the pinnacle of packaging for promotional flash drives. They might be overkill in some circumstances but if you’re targeting high net worth clients or you want a really nice “thank you” gift for speakers at a conference then its certainly worth going the extra mile and getting some printed tin gift boxes produced.

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