Pretty, Very Pretty White USB Boxes

If you’re looking for a really attractive gift or presentation box for your printed USB memory sticks then we’ve got a new option that we think will blow you away – our Glossy White gift boxes look absolutely stunning printed and they come with a variety of pre-cut foam inserts that have been laser cut to fit precisely around the USB sticks that are inserted in them.

The boxes measure 14cm x 10cm by 2.75cm and as standard they come with a magnetic “flip” style lid and black internal foam that has been cut to house our most popular models of USB stick (Twister, Chic, Trident and Woodland). We can print in full colour on the front of the box and if you really want to go the extra mile we can print your contact details, web address and phone number(s) on the back of the box – well, we can print anything you want on the back as well but most people are like to only print on the front.

White USB Gift Boxes from USB2U White USB Gift Boxes from USB2U

They are manufactured from strong re-cycled cardboard which has then been covered in a high quality gloss paper. They’re large enough to show off pretty much any complex image and their size means they make a real statement when they’re handed out.

We’re expecting these glossy white USB gift boxes to be a real hit with professional and wedding photographers because although we’ve been offering printed and engraved black flip boxes for some time the general feedback has been that they would have preferred a white option. To be fair the print works much better on the white option than the black box which tends to lend itself to engraving.

If you’re not sure which of our gift boxes would work best for you or which would work best with your logo then just ask us for a sample. If you have artwork ready and we have time we’ll even print or engrave a box or two for you so you can see them in the flesh and make a more informed decision.

These gift boxes are supplied from stock from the UK so providing our print schedule is not too full we might be able to print and deliver them in as little as 24hrs – if you are in a hurry it’s always worth call us to check what stock we have in and what lead times we can offer.

Printed USB White Gift Boxes Printed USB White Gift Boxes


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