Press Launches – Is It Just Content That Is King

Lets face it if you’ve got an important Press Event coming up, perhaps to support the launch of a new product, a new service or company expansion then you need it to go well, particularly if it’s a high profile event that could impact your own career depending on how it goes.

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As the Press Officer or PR Manager you’ll already be well versed at “keeping lots of plates spinning” and ensuring that your speakers are confirmed, well briefed and “on-message”. But typically you’ll also have responsibility for selecting and securing the venue, setting up the room, getting the right audience confirmed and dealing with the catering and drinks.

The content being delivered might be the responsibility of your colleagues in the Executive Team, Product Teams or Marketing Departments but co-ordinating these individuals and teams can be a challenge. Someone has to take ownership of the overall theme and messages and to make sure Q & A’s are agreed in advance. Often these events can make or break companies or at the very least ensure the success of a new product(s). It’s an overused phrase but “failure is not an option”.

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Simple things like ensuring the invited audience and journalists have copies of the speaker’s notes, slides and biographies are critical. Whether these are handed out in printed form or electronically often depends on what’s being said and to whom but, increasingly USB Memory Sticks are being used to deliver the content in a format that is convenient, lightweight and portable.

Rather than just using a standard USB memory stick an increasing number of companies are using fully customised USB memory sticks as an integral part of their event. Custom USB sticks manufactured in the shape of the product being launched or to represent the company’s brand or logo really do help to ensure that the messages last in a tangible form beyond the event. If you can send your audience away informed, happy, well fed and with easy access to all the key data, messages, product sheets etc. on a handy, lightweight and portable custom USB stick then it should be a job well done.

So whilst content is undoubtedly king and no-one is for a minute suggesting a custom USB memory stick can make up for a poorly thought out or poorly delivered press event or product launch they can add a little bit of a “wow” factor when done well and they provide a talking point beyond the event that is rarely achieved with paper brochures or photocopied versions of PowerPoint slides.

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