Pre-Schools Sending End Of Year Reports Home On USB Sticks

Every day our customers seem to surprise us with new ideas for using the branded USB memory sticks we supply. Yesterday one of the pre-schools we supply told us they were now sending their 4- year olds home with their end of year reports loaded onto a USB stick rather than printed on a paper report. What a great idea!

As the school said: “We decided to send our children's reports home with them this year on the USB sticks instead of printed paper, they are only 4 years old but I am sure the parents will appreciate them and they will have a little souvenir of their time at pre-school.”

For the die-hards that prefer their child’s report on paper there is always the option to print the report off from the memory stick.

The age boundaries that children are comfortable using technology like USB sticks seems to be falling all the time. It was only last week that children of a similar age were being given engraved USB sticks at a birthday party in the party bags. Each USB stick was engraved with the little girl’s name that was hosting the party and every stick was personalised on the back with each of her friend’s names (pink sticks for the girls and blue sticks for the boys).


The children given the USB sticks at the party all went home wide eyed and happy and we had some lovely feedback from the customer who in turn had feedback from parents with children at the party saying how excited their children were and that they took their USB sticks to bed with them!

Hopefully the parents of children at the pre-school (and the children) will be equally as excited with their personalised USB sticks with their child’s end of year reports on.

If you’d like some personalised USB memory sticks engraved with a name (or other details) for your school or birthday party or any other activity where you think they’d go down well just give us a call at  USB2U – you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive they are at the moment and we can turn around orders in as little as 24hrs if you’re in a hurry.


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