Photographers Thoughts on Our USB Sticks and Boxes

Although we’ve been supplying customised USB memory sticks for over a decade it’s only really in the last year that we’ve seen the uptake by professional photographers move from a trickle to a steady stream. But, if the reaction we’ve had in the last couple of weeks is anything to go by then it looks like the secret is finally out!

At USB2U we’ve worked hard over the past few months to make sure that the USB package we offer to professional photographers includes a wide range of top quality, high-performance USB sticks coupled with a growing range of custom gift box options and finishes.  Understandably photographers want to be able to stamp their own personality on any USB stick they order and that’s what we aim to  do – give them something that is, as far as we can make it, unique to them.

Here are just a few comments from Professional Photographers that we’ve supplied USB sticks to in the last couple of weeks:

Steven Brooks Photographer:  “When I finally decided to move away from dvd disks to a stick I really dod not know where to look. I asked a photographer chum what she uses and she recommended to me. From the moment Karen took my order the whole process could not have been made easier and with regular updates of progress, designs emailed promptly, any tweaks to the design were made quickly, all the things you want when ordering a new product”

Christine Wehrmeier Photography: “Beautiful product backed by excellent service. I am absolutely delighted with my branded USBs. My logo has quite fine and intricate lines as it is a hand drawn design, but the quality and precision of the laser engraving is stunning. Delivery was quick and easy and friends and clients alike are super impressed. The best branded product I have! Thank you so much!!!!! I will be ordering more for sure. “Sooo... I'd officially like to unveil my weird/just right for me new USB package! I will be loading client's images onto these wooden USB sticks and wrapping them up in my personalised cotton fabric like sweeties, tied with bits of knitting wool. Each one will come customised with hand stamped tags from newspapers from the date of your wedding, and also a tag with your names handwritten on them! Simple, eco-friendly and weird”

Smudged Photo “Quick, Tailored Customer Experience. Brilliant service from the start through to the finish. Understood what I wanted from my USB's and matched it perfectly. Happy to listen to changes to get them just right and then once finalised lightning quick production and delivery. Will definitely be coming back in the future.

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re considering taking the plunge and buying some customised USB memory sticks then give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options. Send us your artwork and we’ll mock up ideas and print or engrave samples for you – we don’t charge anything for this service. You only pay if you place an order and then you only pay for the USB sticks and boxes you order. We don’t charge for mock-ups and samples.


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