Not Sure Whether To Buy A USB Pen or USB Flash Drive – Simple Buy Both!

Many of our customers have very clear ideas about what they want from a branded USB memory stick and its not unusual for them to have very precise ideas on what model, colour and memory size will work best for them and their brand. Sometimes this is simply because they have purchased branded memory sticks before and simply want a repeat order or because they’ve seen other companies USB memory sticks and want something similar for themselves.

But, if you’re looking to order USB memory sticks with your logo printed or engraved on for the first time it can be daunting. Not only are there literally hundreds of different models and styles available including credit card versions, USB pens, leather memory sticks, USB keys and the usual range of “more standard” designs but every model comes in a range of different colours and in some cases a range of different finishes, i.e. glossy, rubberised, and metal.

Once you’ve settled on a short list its then a case of working out exactly what you want printed on the memory sticks, whether you should print on both sides, whether you should have the same design printed on both sides or perhaps have your logo on one side and your web URL and phone number on the other side. Decisions, decisions!

Of course for customers that are not quite sure what they want it helps that our in-house design team are on-hand to work up concepts and ideas. At USB2U we’ve always offered this service without charge and without any obligation because we want to make sure that you get not just an “ok” memory stick but a branded USB memory stick that looks fantastic and will do a great job at promoting your company. It’s a cliché but we want our customers to be “delighted” with the choice they’ve made and if that means going the extra mile to help them make the right decision then we’re happy to do it.

Branded Memory Sticks and Pens Branded Memory Sticks and Pens

For some customers narrowing down the choice to one particularly USB memory stick is not always easy. One option is to go with multiple types or the same model but in a variety of colours. A great example of this is BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors) who eventually chose a Classic USB flash drive and a USB Pen with the pen being supplied in a really nice metal tin. Both of them look great and its easy to see why making a decision between the two would be tough. BASI were delighted with the results and were kind enough to say the following:

“Just a line to let you know that I have received the USB’s today and that I am delighted with the products. Thank you for your assistance with the order, and it has been a pleasure to deal with you.”

If you’re considering buying branded USB memory sticks and you’re not sure which model to choose then just give us a call. Our friendly sales team will talk you through the options and arrange a free no obligation mock-up(s) for you.

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