New Wooden USB Flash Drives Launched

The demand for wooden and bamboo USB flash drives continues to grow apace. The growth seems to be fuelled by a greater awareness of the environmental challenges we collectively face and a growing desire to be sensitive to these challenges.

Grove Wooden Flash Drive

Of course USB flash are not and never will be completely environmentally friendly and neither are they recyclable. No matter what the outer case of the flash drive is manufactured from the internal components and the USB connector on the end of the flash drive cannot be recycled and they cannot be manufactured from sustainable resources.

Despite this there are things that can be done to reduce the “carbon footprint” of each USB flash drive purchased and this includes buying USB flash drives with cases made from 100% sustainable resources like bamboo.

For any company selling eco-friendly products or with an eco-friendly message that they want to push out or reinforce, bamboo and wooden USB flash drives are an absolute must. There is a wide range of these products available and with hardly any price premium to pay for wood or bamboo there is little reason not to use them. From a pure aesthetics perspective arguably the wooden flash drives not only look better than standard “plastic” or “metal” flash drives but they feel better in the hand.

One of the benefits of natural materials like wood or bamboo is the tactile nature of the product – they look good, feel

Wood USB Flash Drive

good and they’re warm to the touch. They also take “knocks, bumps and scratches” better than standard drives because these small blemishes add to the overall look a bit like an aging antique piece of furniture!

Because of the growth in demand for wooden USB flash drives USB2U have now added three further models to their range; the Leaf, the Coppice and the Grove. They are available in a range of different colour finishes and can be supplied in bamboo or wood. Memory sizes range from 128MB all the way up to 16GB.

If you normally print sales brochures, technical sheets, presentation material or press releases and you buy any flash drives printed with your company logo on then its good practice to load these documents onto the flash drives before they are distributed. This simple act not only helps to reinforce your company’s commitment to reducing the pressure on the environment but the savings you make on not printing the documents can help offset the purchase costs of the flash drives.

If you’re interested in getting branded wooden USB flash drives with your company (or school) logo on then whiz your logo over to us and we’ll mock up a few examples at no cost to show you what your finished drives might look like.

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