New USB-C Memory Sticks Now Available!

New USB-C Memory Sticks Now Available!

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The Rise of USB-C Technology

Nowadays, many PCs, laptops and other portable devices including smartphones and tablets are manufactured to feature USB-C ports as standard. If you're the lucky owner of a new MacBook or Chromebook, you may already be well aware of the switch from standard USB ports to "Type C" ports for both data and charging points. Even Apple's latest Watch and AirPods are supplied with charging cables that feature a USB-C connector only to plug into the wall socket, as opposed to the traditional USB connector we are all so used to seeing.

The switch to USB-C devices and ports is slowly gaining momentum, and for good reason: it has many benefits to the end user. The first of which is the ability to insert the connector into your machine both ways up (this isn't possible with a traditional USB stick, it must be inserted the correct way up), removing much frustration. In addition, USB-C ports are capable of delivering much faster data transfer and charging speeds. If, like us, everyone else is trying to get things done more efficiently these days, then this advantage is going to pave the way for USB-C Memory Sticks to replace traditional USB-A memory sticks in the future.

USB-C Memory Sticks

When they were first launched, USB-C flash drives seemed to fit into the category of "novelty USB sticks" as a fad that perhaps wouldn't last, however as they can be used so widely these days (not only on mobile phones and tablets, but also on the latest laptop and desktop PCs) their popularity is gaining momentum.

The Dual Twister was our very first USB memory stick to feature both a traditional Type A connector on one end, and a Type C connector on the opposite. This gave the end user the flexibility of being able to access the data stored on the flash drive on an array of different devices.

New USB-C Flash Drives

We have used the same principle when putting together our two latest USB-C flash drives, the Alloy Hook & Alloy Loop USB-C drives. The Alloy range of USB-C flash drives features a handy dual-ended USB connector, with an easy sliding mechanism to switch between Type A and Type C connectors.










Both the Alloy Loop USB-C & Alloy Hook USB-C flash drives are available in capacities from 16GB – 128GB (USB3.1). The USB3.1 standard means that the USB-C flash drives boast transfer speeds up to twice as fast as standard USB3.0!

The sleek, metallic casing of the Alloy USB-C flash drives can be engraved with a company logo, and the hook or loop features at the end of each branded USB stick means you can easily attach to a keyring or lanyard for maximum portability.

If you're interested in seeing different price points for USB-C memory sticks branded with a company logo, get in touch today to request a quote and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


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