New Product for 2013 – USB Buttons and Badges

The first of many new products we’ll be announcing for 2013 are our USB Buttons and Badges – these bright and vibrant round USB badges are only 43mm in diameter and come in at a skinny 3mm thick.

To use the USB badge you simply flip out the USB connector that’s hidden discretely in the back of the badge and then push it into any standard USB slot on a PC or Mac. It’s available in memory sizes from 1GB all the way up to a massive 16GB but the real beauty of these badges is that they can be printed in full colour on both sides!

USB Badges from USB2U

As you’d expect with a badge (or button) it can be worn easily by using the optional pin-badge attachment or if you prefer you can use a standard lanyard or keying.

When printed in full colour the USB badges look stunning and they’re a great and fun way to promote any brand. The fact that you can pre-load them with tons of digital data (product brochures, press releases, media files, weblinks etc.) also means you can save lots print, storage and transportation costs in the bargain!

If you run seminars, conferences or press events and usually hand out name badges then you might want to consider using these USB badges for future events – think about it, no more printing and collating the speakers notes and copies of PowerPoint slides, no more printing press release notes and Q & A’s – just pre-load digital copies of everything you’d normally print onto the USB stick tucked into the body of the badge!

USB Buttons from USB2U

Equally if you are tasked with organising your company’s attendance at a trade show and you’re looking for something a little bit different to hand out from your stand or booth then these USB buttons are a great idea – by pinning them onto everyone that visits your stand you effectively build a walking advert for your brand. Even better you can be assured that your brochures won’t end up in the bins outside the event halls because they’ll be stored safely on the USB stick although it’s always a good idea to use a USB with a reasonable amount of memory (say 2GB to 4GB) to encourage the recipient to keep and continue to use the USB badge for their own data.

If you’re in a hurry then remember that these UBS flip mini circles (or badges) are available printed and pre-loaded with your data in as little as 24hrs! Just give the team at USB2U a call and talk to them about your requirements!

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