Lucked Out On Valentine’s Day? Try Adopting A Zombie Instead

Did you spend yesterday waiting for the postman to call or perhaps you had your phone glued to your hand waiting for a special message to arrive in your inbox. Maybe in your most optimistic moment you had visions of a florists van pulling up outside or at work and delivering a fantastic bouquet.

If none of this happened and you just ended the day feeling flat and disappointed by the whole Valentine’s Day “thing” then perhaps you should consider taking some decisive action that puts you in control of your life and love. It’s a bit radical but what about adopting a Zombie?

The Zombie Adoption Centre has been set up to rescue lost souls from a bleak future, rehabilitate them and then integrate them back into society. By adopting a Zombie you can play a positive part in their rehabilitation program and you build a relationship that with your Zombie that should help you deal with loveless Valentine’s Days in future years.

When signing up to adopt a Zombie at the Zombie Adoption Centre you’ll be sent a Sponsor’s Pack that includes a Printed USB Memory Stick, an adoption certificate, an A3 poster, some stickers and Your adopted Zombie’s case file – you’ll also get an update every month from your adopted Zombie so that you can track his/her progress.

Zombie Adoption Centre Pack Zombie Adoption Centre Pack

A large chunk of your Zombie Sponsorship fee will be shared with one of three major charities; Friends of the Earth, MediaTrust or The Prostrate Cancer Charity (you decide as part of the adoption process)

Of course adopting a Zombie is a little different and it certainly won’t be everyones idea of how to fill that “romantic void” in their life. If it’s not your thing then you could always get yourself a cat or dog but remember they are for life and not just to help you get over the trauma of a Valentine’s Day “no-show”

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