Logo USB Memory Sticks

Have you got a logo you want to print onto a USB memory stick. No problem. Getting memory sticks branded up with your company logo on or perhaps even the logo from your local sports team or music group is easy. In fact it matters not what the event, show or function is. Providing you have your logo saved digitally either as a high quality Jpeg file or even better as a vector file in either .eps or .ai format (any designer or printer will know what these are) then branded memory sticks can be produced from it.

These days its not just companies that are choosing branded memory sticks with a logo printed on them. Logo USB sticks are being purchased for all sorts of activities including:

  • Logo USB memory sticks for press events and product launches are popular because the attending journalists can be supplied with all of the presentation material, product information, links to web sites etc. pre-loaded onto the logo USB.
  • Schools and universities buy bucket loads of USB memory sticks with their school logo or crest on and then either give them away to their pupils or sell them through the school shop. They are ideal for students to save their homework and studies to.

    Logo USB University
  • Local sporting clubs are increasingly using logo USB memory sticks to help with the promotion of the club and its activities, to encourage corporate sponsorship and to hand out to the team members with club details and fixtures on.
  • Promotional companies are frequent users of logo branded USB memory sticks. Typically smaller capacity flash drives will be given away to promote a new product or brand or used as part of a competition. With the price of logo USB flash drives falling they are now easily within reach of the budgets of most large brands that are looking for a different and exciting promotional gift.

  • One of the more unusual uses for logo memory sticks is a wedding. Whilst the take up has been small there is a growing trend for the happily married couple to hand out USB memory sticks to their guests after the happy day. The memory sticks typically contain a thank you for the wedding gift and copies of the wedding photographs.

    Logo USB
  • Track and event days – if you are attending a track race day where you get to experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, Ferrari or Porsche then don’t be surprised at the end of the day to be handed a logo USB memory stick with all of the track data, your personal performance statistics and photographs of you on the track. Of course it will also provide information on future events and track days in the hope that you will be lured back.

So when you think of USB memory sticks with a logo printed on don’t just think about one that you can buy in the high street or sticks that are handed out by companies in their thousands at trade shows. Today logo USB flash drives are finding uses in lots of new and innovative ways.

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