Leather USB Memory Sticks Make Great Corporate Gifts

Leather has been used since to prehistoric times to shape and fashion all manner of things from clothing, shelter, armour, liquid containers, saddles and boats to name but a few. Leather is also commonly used to trim or decorate weapons and to add a soft malleable feel to everyday items like steering wheels, handles and so on.

Although its history is very much as a material that is used in a very basic and rustic way it has, in more recent years, become a material that is synonymous with luxury and quality. Products that are made high quality leather like shoes; bags, belts and wallets carry a price premium and look and feel fantastic. Luxury brands often use leather or leather trims to promote and feeling of strength, power and exclusivity.

New Leather USB Drives

It is for these reasons that products fashioned from leather or that use leather to add a finishing touch of style and class are sought after in the promotions industry and corporate gift market. If you’re going to give a gift to someone then you’ve already decided they are worthy of your recognition, thanks and appreciation and therefore choosing a gift that is going to deliver the right message is important. Leather gifts suggest an investment in value, they suggest that you wanted to go beyond the “standard” product(s) and buy something that was has a degree of exclusivity.

The same arguments are true of leather USB flash drives. Yes, there are standard plastic and metal USB flash drives available and they do an excellent job but, if you want the recipient to think that you’ve spent a little more money on them, if you want them to feel particularly appreciated and thanked then its worth looking at the Leather USB Flash Drive options.

It perhaps no surprise that when Maserati wanted some USB flash drives producing that they opted for a leather version and a leather version that was matched to their corporate colours. The end result is a top-end, quality product that not only looks great but also is right for their high net worth customers.

Maserati Leather USB

There are several different models of Leather USB Flash Drives to choose from. They all have the same intrinsic characteristics you’d associate with any high quality leather gift but they go one step further because they can be pre-loaded with relevant thank you messages or information about your company and its products and services.

Above all a leather USB flash drive will be warmly received and will be a fantastic advocate for your brand/company.

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