Leather adds a touch of class to any Promotional USB Flash Drives

With so many different types and styles of promotional USB flash drives to choose from it can be intimidating trying to narrow the choice down to just one USB drive that reflects your brand or image.

If you’re after something that has a quality feel and will be something different from the general USB drives that are available in the high street or those that can be picked up from on-line retailers then you might want to consider a leather flash drive. After all, what’s the point of going to the trouble of arranging for your own drives if they end up looking like something you could have picked up in Staples or PC World!

USB2U have several options available and everything about them is top notch – the internal memory and controller chips are all branded and Grade A (and come with a 5 year warranty), the leather is top grade and the clasps and outer shells are made from highly polished stainless steel. The resulting leather flash drives look stunning and although there are a range of standard colours (black, brown and white) the leather can be supplied in pretty much any colour you want albeit there is a small additional charge for pantone matching.

Leather USB Flash Drives

To really top off the look you could your leather USB sticks supplied in some smart looking gift boxes or presentation tins. These come with custom cut foam inserts and the tins or boxes can optionally be printed or engraved.  Providing the boxes or tins are ordered with the USB sticks they don’t cost the earth and you end up with a really classy looking solution.


Pantone Matched Leather USB Drives

Promotional leather USB drives can be printed, embossed or engraved. Some people prefer engraving because anything engraved into the leather will last a lifetime but the finish cab be too subtle for some who opt instead for printing. Whilst printing is not as resilient as engraving the ink does impregnate the leather so it’s still going to be pretty robust.

Black and White Leather USB Flash Drives

Whichever leather model you choose and however you get your logo put on them you can be assured that you’re going to end up with a high quality product that will support any use you put them to.

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