Large or Complex Logo? – No problem with the Slider USB

If you’ve got a large or complex logo then it’s not always easy to choose the right memory stick to really do it justice. Whilst many suppliers will just ask you to “simplify” the logo or reduce the number of colours in the logo its not really the right answer.

Printing and reproducing your brand or logo correctly is critical. There’s no point spending a fortune designing and developing a brand only to them compromise it simply because the product you want to reproduce it on can’t support it.

USB Slider

But, the reality is that many standard style USB memory sticks are relatively small and the print area on the sticks can be even smaller. Small memory sticks are popular but not always the right solution for complex logos. Whilst some of these small sticks can support a full colour print process, squeezing your brand and any strapline onto the print area will, in some cases, mean its impossible to see/read the end result clearly.

There are several options to overcome this problem including using a Credit Card style memory stick. These are not really “memory sticks” per se but credit card shaped product that has a USB connector built into it with some on-board flash memory. The beauty of this product is that because its exactly the same size as a credit card it fits neatly into a wallet and provides lots of space (front and back) to print on. You can also use the latest full colour printing process techniques on these cards to achieve a very high-resolution reproduction of any complex design. But, credit cards are not to everyone’s taste.

If you have a complex logo and it’s a branded memory stick you want in the true sense of the term then you could consider “Slider” model. This memory stick is capless, it has an integral keying loop and it’s a little larger than much other memory sticks without being excessively large. But, the real beauty of this model is the very large print area onto which you can print.

USB Slider

This example shows the how complex graduated prints with lots of text still look fantastic when produced on the Slider model.

If you think the Slider memory stick might solve your memory stick challenge then give us a call and we’ll provide you with a personalise quote and we’ll even mock one up for you free of charge so you can see just how it will look.

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