Lanyard USB Memory Sticks – Ideal for Seminars and Conferences

If you’ve got a seminar, conference or sales kick-off meeting coming up soon then no doubt you’ll be thinking about all of the logistical issues that need putting in place to ensure the event runs smoothly. These events can, for the organiser(s) at least, be a thankless task, not helped by the fact that there are so many elements to consider, plan for, book and get right.

Whether is a small local conference or a global sales kick-off meeting the challenges and risks are broadly similar albeit some of the larger ones, because of the brands involved and the potential for media coverage have the potential to go spectacularly wrong! Guarding against potential failure and ensuring you keep your job (and sanity) whilst at the same time hoping and trusting that everyone delivers what they have promised will inevitably lead to many a sleepless night.

Lanyard USB Example

Do a good job and the plaudits and the inevitable bouquet of flowers should follow. Get it wrong then depending on the scale of error your reputation, job and career could be at risk – the job of “conference organisers” is certainly akin to the circus plate spinner albeit there are typically more than just a few cheap china plates at risk.

One of the smaller things to consider as part of any conference is how the delegates are identified (name badges, lanyards etc.) and how you supply them with any copy slides, presentation materials, media files etc. These could of course be printed but then you have the added overhead of organising the printing, the compilation of the packs and the distribution of the packs. The then delegates have the “hassle” of carrying large amounts of printed material around with them and potentially taking this back to the other side of the planet!

Lanyard USB Memory Sticks

An easy way to combine both is to use a branded USB Lanyard. These relatively new products can be printed with your brand or logo on, they come with clips and loops to carry a name tag and/or access pass and even better they can be pre-loaded with all of the delegate packs, presentation files and movie files. Not only that but they look great and they come in a range of colours to compliment any brand.

Whilst these branded USB lanyards are not a panacea to all of the problems and challenges that conference organisers face they do have the potential to make the life of a conference organiser a little easier.

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