Juice Jacking: The Dangers of Public USB Connections

Juice Jacking: The Dangers of Public USB Connections

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The power and technology of modern smartphones is always increasing, and this has rapidly changed the way we live and communicate. Unfortunately, this is accelerating at a much faster pace than that of the batteries that power them, meaning charging on the move or in public has become a frequent part of life.

Responding to this, a lot of companies and public spaces are now utilising USB charging points. These are particularly prevalent in places such as airports, hotels, or shopping centers. However, over the last few months there have been increasing reports of phones being hacked. How is this happening?

Called "Juice Jacking", this is a process by which hackers install data-stealing or even screen capturing software onto your device. With technology becoming so advanced, these things can be hidden inside something as small as a USB port or even a cable, and can steal your passwords, personal information and much more.

To prevent this happening to you, there are a couple of simple steps you can take:

Power Banks

The easiest option is to use a portable charger, often called a power bank. These portable and handy devices are essentially a large battery capable of storing large amounts of power. This can then be used to charge other devices whilst on the move or away from other sources of power.

USB Data Blockers/Condoms

Whilst the name might be mildly amusing, USB data blockers, sometimes known as USB condoms, are actually an innovative and interesting new product that are designed to protect from exactly this kind of security danger. Branded USB data blockers could be a fantastic product to hand out as giveaways or for your staff, and whilst we don't keep them in UK stock, we can both obtain and print onto them.

USB Data Blockers contain no way for data to be passed through at all, and only allows for charging, preventing all ways for your phone to be hacked into.

Always use sockets and your own cable

This one might seem obvious, but using your own USB cable and plug will eliminate one of the common methods of falling victim to this type of crime. Alongside this, another effective way to protect yourself is to ensure that you only use actual plug sockets.

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