Is this the end of Lightning charging cables?

Is this the end of Lightning charging cables?

Earlier this week, European MPs voted in favour of a new EU law whereby in 2024, small devices such a tablets and mobile phones must use a universal charging cable. Historically, Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Airpods have required a unique Apple designed 'Lightning' cable to charge them with, whereas when the new law comes into force in 2024, USB-C charging cables will have to become the norm - in the EU at least. It is unclear at this stage whether UK law might follow suit. According to the BBC, laptops and other larger devices have until 2026 to be replaced.

What does this mean for Personalised Charging Cables?

Having a common charging cable would certainly streamline the collection of charging cables that everyone seems to have in a drawer at home, reducing overall consumption and the impact on the environment. This can only be a step in the right direction towards reducing electrical and plastic waste. It would also make sharing personalised phone cables and power banks more accessible, as a 3 in 1 cable would not always be needed.

Currently, one of our best-selling slim power banks, the Credit Card Power Bank, features a dual function micro-USB and Lightning cable, as well as a USB-C adaptor within the case to make it universal.

USB2U's credit card power bank displaying the 3 cables built in - micro USB, type C and lightning USB2U's Credit Card Power Bank features a dual micro USB + Lightning connector, as well as a USB-C adaptor

However, we would welcome having a single cable only in possbile future versions of this product, as it may reduce production costs, which would be good news for USB2U customers.

UK Stock Branded Charging Cables

Here at USB2U, we stock a wide range of branded charging cables that are universal for all. Featuring micro USB, Lightning and USB-C connectors, two of our best-selling UK stock personalised charging cables are the ever popular Rainbow Multi Cable Deluxe and the Promotional 3 in 1 Cable. Whilst new EU laws would mean a gradual phasing out of micro and lightning connectors, not all consumers will replace their smart devices instantly. This means that branded charging cables will continue to provide benefit to end users for many years to come, and they certainly make a useful promotional product.

rainbow multi cable branded with USB2U logo Rainbow Multi-Cable Deluxe personalised with USB2U logo

3 in 1 charging cable in black printed with the coca cola logo The Promotional 3 in 1 Cable is held in UK stock & branded in house

In 2018, during the launch of their new iPad Pro, Apple announced that this device would finally make the switch to USB-C charging. Since then, the tech giant have also produced laptops with USB-C charging, however they are yet to introduce USB-C charging to their range of smartphones. In 2020, we wrote about how the iPhone 12 - to the surprise of many - still featured their iconic Lightning charging port. According to TechRadar, that is still true even today- their latest iPhone to hit the market, the iPhone 14, retains the Apple Lightning charging port!

We are eagerly waiting to see the technology giant's next move, and what influence this might have on branded charging cables.

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