How the Current Trade Row Between Japan and Korea Affects USB & Tech Prices

How the Current Trade Row Between Japan and Korea Affects USB & Tech Prices

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A current trade dispute between Japan and South Korea is threatening to cause a shortage of consumer electronics around the world, with USB and tech supplies already feeling a price squeeze.

The row started when Tokyo imposed export restrictions on particular industrial materials that Seoul uses to make various bits of tech. Alongside this, Japan has said that in the future there could be even tougher restrictions. Today, South Korean officials plan to discuss the issue with the World Trade Organisation in a hope to convince them that Japan has violated global trading rules.

Japan and Korea have long had tensions stemming from their complicated history. These tensions were further inflamed last year, and the tensions appear to have now spilled over onto their trade partnership.

The restrictions don't necessarily block the sale of these chemicals, but means Japanese exporters must have licences to sell to South Korea, causing major delays and limiting supplies.

Three main chemicals are subject to these restrictions: fluorinated polyimide, photoresists and hydrogen fluoride. These chemicals are vital to produce memory chips, and this is what is impacting the price of items such as USB memory sticks. If these restrictions continue, or worsen, then the failure to meet global demand will see prices continue to rise.

Hynix are, alongside Samsung, the biggest chip manufacturers in South Korea, who export 60% of the worlds memory components

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Seoul is South Korea's capital, and is a massive tech and manufacturing hub. Restrictions on them will be felt globally.


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