How Are Custom USBs/Power Banks Made?

How Are Custom USBs/Power Banks Made?

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Alongside our range of standard USBs and power banks, we also offer a special custom USB or custom power bank service. These specially designed and made USBs and power banks guarantee you will end up with something totally unique and bespoke. In many cases, the only barrier is your own imagination.

Custom USBs or power banks are specially designed and manufactured in a unique shape requested by the customer. Usually this reflects the company's logo, a product they sell or something that symbolises them, and can range from incredibly simple or rather complex unique shapes. Recent examples include a rubber duck for a bath store, a train for a railway company, a fridge for an electronics manufacturer, a unique bottle design for a rum manufacturer, and even an ambulance!

The process for these is slightly longer and more complex than a standard USB, however we aim to make it as speedy and streamlined as possible.  To help with this, we created this article to outline the process from start to finish. Below are the steps and what they entail:

Photos Submitted of Different Angles Plus Logo & Pantone Colours

Alongside the usual details when ordering a USB or power bank, there a couple of things we require you to send your dedicated account manager in order to start the process. The first of which is some photos to go off of when designing the product. If possible this means photos of all angles, to ensure we create something as close to your original idea as possible. Alongside this, a copy of your logo in vector format, and the pantone chart codes you wish the USB to be produced in.

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Designer Produces a 3D Virtual Mockup

Once we have these three things, the details are passed on to a designer. Their first job is to check how feasible the idea truly is, and if the idea is a little too complicated, which is fairly unusual, we would then advise of any changes that can be made to make the idea possible. After the idea has been agreed on, the designer makes a 3D virtual mock-up so that you can check it matches your ideas. This allows you to see multiple angles and covers every aspect of the USB or power bank.

Approval/Changes Issued

Once the 3D virtual mock-up is received, it is then down to you to check it and either approve it, or notify us of any changes that need to be made. Any changes are of course free at this stage and we are happy to keep going until we get it right.

Metal Mold Manufactured (price included in order)

Our Far Eastern partners will then make a one off, special metal mold, which will be used to construct the sample, the price for which is included in the order itself. This mold takes 48 hours to fully set and is made inside a specialist machine inside the Far Eastern factory. The mold is formed and then is the basis the making the initial sample for your bespoke USB or power bank.

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Sample Casing Built Up Layer by Layer

With the metal mold formed, the USB or power bank is then built up layer by layer. Coloured soft PVC is poured in the mold, starting with the bottom layers first. This layer is then placed into an oven and baked at high temperature to turn it into a solid. The next layer is then poured on top of that into the mold, and the process is repeated. This happens several times as the sample is slowly built up and constructed.

Checks Made, Sample Shipped or Photos Approved

At this point, checks are always made to ensure the sample fully matches the approved 3D virtual mock-up. Any errors result in the sample being made again. At this point photos are taken of the sample and sent to us, and we then forward them on to you. All you need to do is either approve the sample or come back with any changes. Changes at this point that require a new metal mold to be made will incur a small charge The process then starts again and a new metal mold is made. An alternative is to ask for the sample to be physically shipped to you, which we are happy to do, but this will result in delayed lead times.


Once the photos or sample have been approved we then go to full production. The USBs or power banks are then produced, with each one checked stringently, and shipped to us.

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