How A Branded USB Stick Helped To Win The US Election

With the dust settling on the 2012 US election and Barack Obama now heading back to the White House for a second term, pundits are asking how a race that is decided by a few swing states can cost over £3bn!

In short, the advertising and mobilisation of the electorate accounted for the bulk of the costs with both parties trying to out gun each other. It is simply the price of playing US politics.

This is an enormous amount for the parties to fund so an army of loyal supporters set about raising funds. In keeping with the rest of their campaign the Democrats went high tech and one such example of this was customised USB memory sticks. These were printed with the Obama ‘brand’ and even customised as the president himself. These flew of the shelf so in their own humble way the branded memory stick played a small part in the outcome of the election. So why were these such a great idea?


With the ever-increasing demand for branded promotional products, the possibility of finding something unique is be coming frustratingly slim. As a result of this manufacturers have invested in tooling equipment that makes the cost of bespoke customised Branded USB Flash drives an affordable option.

The products are manufactured from PVC rubber and can be made up of a number of colours in any shape or form. The beauty of this type of creation is that the product is colourful, 3-dimensional and resilient. No longer will the branding on your flash drives suffer the effects of time and excessive use as the branding is embedded in the product.

The range of items produced is staggering. Companies have commissioned Branded USB Memory sticks in the shape of Rugby Balls, People, Animals, Plants, Cars Airplanes and even USB shaped food!

Whether you are looking for a Customised USB flash drive for the launch of a new product, a promotional giveaway or to “WIN AN ELECTION” a bespoke Customised USB is the answer you have been looking for.

Just look what it did for President Obama!

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