Have you got your USB Hearts ready for tomorrow?

Our USB Hearts are a lovely way to say how much you care about your partner. Not only do they look fantastic but they can be supplied in a matching gift box with a printed personalised message on the box. The hearts sit snuggly in laser cut foam and there’s scope to drop in your own personalised gift card in the box.

Of course the real beauty of these USB flash drive hearts is that you can pre-load them with lots and lot of personal messages, photos and videos that chronicle your relationship so there is lots of scope to create what is effectively a digital montage which will hopefully surprise and delight your partner.

Create a digital story; load up the flash drive with photos of when you first met, music tracks that mean something to you both, films and videos of time spent together and some poems or words that express your feelings.

USB Hearts for Photographers USB Hearts for Photographers

As you might imagine these USB hearts are incredibly popular with professional wedding photographers who use them to hand over their clients’ portfolios on. Photographers that buy them (and to be fair it’s not just wedding photographers) typically buy them in our stunning white premium gift boxes with their logo printed on the box – we can print them individually with the bride and grooms name and date of their wedding on the box as well but this needs a little more pre-planning and they do end up costing more because each one has to be set up and printed.

Another popular option is our “double pack” which is two hearts in a single large white printed gift box – an ideal way to present photographs to any bride and groom.

Of course these USB hearts can be used for all sorts of occasions but at Valentine’s Day they do come into their own! Longer lasting than flowers and something that (if you put time into what you load onto them) will show just how much you care.

USB Hearts in Gift Box USB Hearts in Gift Box

If Valentine’s Day is not your thing then our hearts work equally well as a baby keepsake – get the USB heart engraved with your son or daughters date of birth, get the box printed with a photograph of your child or just their name and date of birth and load up the flash memory with lots of photos and videos that your child will cherish as they grow up!

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