Go eco-friendly this year with recycled memory sticks

If, like us, you care about the planet, then you’ll be glad to know we supply a range of memory sticks that are certified as eco-friendly (and come with certificates for authentication). With more and wooded areas needing to be protected from felling, it is obvious that we all need to play our parts in protecting the world we live in, and our range of eco-friendly USB sticks enables us to do just that!

The range encompasses 5 of our most popular designs; the Contour, the Twister, the Harbour, the Probe and the Bamboo range (which in particular is very popular with photographers) and can be supplied in any colour. Whilst the components inside are still high quality including Grade A flash memory chips, the cases are made from recycled materials.

Contour Range

True eco-warriors, our Eco range of flash drives are made from recycled plastic and rubber, and as such have a great texturised feel to them. These are available in 4 standard colours “off the shelf”, (red, blue, white and black) but can be customised for any colour you wish.

Twister Range

By far our most popular range of USB sticks, these are available from our UK stock in a wide range of colours including red, pink, blue and purple and can be engraved or printed. As with the Contour range, these are eco-friendly and with the handy clip and no cap to lose, what are you waiting for!

Harbour Range

The shiny slick Harbour range is third in our eco-friendly range and come with free gift boxes. These can also be pantone matched on the colour trim and can be both printed or engraved. The Harbour was our first memory stick and we hold it in the highest regard – and so will your customers!

The Probe

Our Probe range are very versatile even with the eco-friendly certificate (see – there’s no reason not to buy them), as the cap and the body can be mix and matched in different colours, although of course we do also hold UK stock in a range of solid colours including yellow and blue. It’s also available in both a gloss or matt finish, which really gives you a range of options to choose from!


Bamboo in itself is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material as it grows and spreads extremely quickly, meaning that it can yield up to 20 times more timber than trees living in the same area. It also releases 35% more oxygen into the air than trees do, with a lifecycle of 7 years to mature and be replanted – the average tree takes between 30-50 years to do this! Our range of bamboo USBs can be colour printed or laser engraved and come with a magnetic snap that holds the lid in place.

Whichever range of eco-friendly USB stick you choose, we can supply them in a range of memory sizes from 64MB up to 16GB, and offer a Rush 24 hour turnaround service if you’re really in need! Never fear, USB2U are here!



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