Give USB Flash Drive Bottles and Drinks This Christmas

One of the more traditional gifts to give to customers, suppliers, the postman and other ancillary staff that support your business throughout the year is booze. Whether it’s wine, spirits, champagne or just a few bottles of good beer or cider, drinks have always been a popular way to say “thank you”. But, in today’s politically correct times is it still appropriate or safe to hand out alcohol at Christmas.

USB Bottles and USB Wine Cork USB Bottles and USB Wine Cork

How for example do you know that the recipient of your alcoholic gift is old enough to drink, what if you end up putting temptation in the way of someone who is desperately trying to “get off the booze”? Is giving alcohol to a courier driver or delivery driver appropriate or is there a danger that you’re innocently encouraging drinking and driving. How do you ensure you don’t give alcoholic drink to someone whose faith does not allow him or her to drink it?

As a business if you step back and think about the potential risks involved in giving away drinks at Christmas and the potential dangers in upsetting some of the recipients you might decide there are better alternatives and alternatives with less “banana skin” opportunities.

USB Barrel USB Barrel

If you’re determined to go with a drink related theme then there are plenty of other options that you might want to consider. One such alternative is a custom USB flash drive in the shape of a wine bottle, a wine stopper, a beer bottle, a whisky key or a bottle opener. Of course if you have the time any shape or design is possible.

The beauty of giving away a custom USB flash drive is that whilst the shape might be drink or alcohol related its is genuinely something that everyone can use regardless of age, gender or religious belief. If you fill the custom USB bottles or barrels with your company’s Christmas message and your sales brochure(s) then they become not just “thank you” gifts but great sales tools as well.

USB Bottle Opener USB Bottle Opener

Of course for some a good bottle of wine or spirits is always going to be the preferred gift to receive but if you are the giver you can’t ignore the pressure not to offend and you certainly can’t afford to be on the receiving end of claims that the drinks you gave were inappropriate. Unfortunately we live in litigious and politically correct times and risks, no matter how small, are best avoided.

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