Give Out Your Wedding Photos On A USB Memory Stick

If you’re looking to tie to knot any time soon then you’re probably already stressed out trying to organise everything from the venue, the catering, the guest list, the invites, the photographer and the wedding dress. Add to this the music, the DJ, the cake and the flowers and it’s pretty easy to understand why they should offer logistics and people management training to anyone thinking of getting married!

As technology marches on you’ll also have to face some decisions about how the photographs of your big day are supplied to you and potentially supplied to your family and guests. We’ve already seen 35mm film cameras abandoned by professional wedding photographers in favour of Digital SLR cameras and now we’re beginning to see a shift in the supply of the photos from paper prints to USB Memory Sticks.

For some people you’ll never be able to beat the feeling of sitting down with friends and family and passing around the wedding album and collectively reminiscing about the day. But, in an age where people increasingly live out their lives on-line through social networking sites like Facebook it’s useful to have the same photos supplied digitally so that they can be “uploaded” for all of your friends to see.

Wedding Photos On A USB Memory Stick

The beauty of having your Wedding Day portfolio supplied on a USB flash drive is that you can print your photos out at home (as many times as you want), you can attach the photos to emails and send them to friends and family or you can upload them to your favourite blog or social network site(s). Photos supplied in this way give you much more control and flexibility and you’re not sacrificing on the quality of the photographs just how they are delivered.

The USB flash drives don’t have to be standard “shop bought” models either, instead, they can be personalised USB flash drives that are supplied in an attractive gift box and both the flash drive and box can be printed with details of the wedding day and the name of the bride and groom!

Some couples are now buying enough personalised flash drives to enable them to give them out to all of the guests at the wedding.  Each USB memory stick can be pre-loaded with either the whole wedding portfolio or tailored so that each guest or family member gets a collection of photos that is relevant to them. Loading additional photos of the bride and groom as children and during their courtship as well as photos from the stag and hen nights is something that’s also proving popular.

In the short term we’re unlikely to see the death of the traditional wedding day photo album but digital options are certainly making an impact.

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