Get The Wow Factor With Colour Matched USB Flash Drives

Arguably one of the simplest ways to make your promotional USB flash drives stand out from the crowd is to get the body shell of the drive colour matched to one of the primary colours from your logo. Most USB flash drives are typically available in a small range of standard colours (typically primary colours like red, blue and yellow) and whilst they look pretty good printed there is no denying that a custom, pantone matched body shell that compliments the printed logo looks better and leaves a stronger lasting impression.

Pantone Matched

Colour matching or “Pantone Matching” as it is sometimes called involves mixing inks into the plastic shell of the USB flash drives during the manufacturing process. The end results look stunning and the customer ends up with a truly unique USB flash drive.

Pantone matched USB flash drives typically carry a small price premium partly because of the additional effort to produce them and partly because of the extra material used to produce USB body shells in short production runs. The shell manufacturers minimum production run is 1,000 units so if you order says 250 USB drives they will discard the extra 750 shells (or hold them in stock if they think you might come back and order more)

To help you visualise what a colour matched USB flash drive printed with your logo on might look like ask your supplier to work up a number of different mock-ups for you to consider – any decent supplier should have in-house designers that can do this quickly and easily and its by far the best/cheapest way of deciding how to proceed.


At USB2U we offer free pantone matching on USB flash drives. The only caveat is that we ask you to order at least 500 pieces to qualify for the free offer. If you don’t need this many then we do make a charge for pantone matching but it still won’t break the bank and typically adds just a few pennies to the cost per flash drive.

USB flash drives are currently one of the most popular promotional items in the market today so if you’re ordering them don’t settle for second best. Make sure you take the time to work with our designer to get the best colour for your brand. We’ll work up some examples and mock-ups free of charge and then we’ll produce the pantone matched sticks for you for no extra charge (min 500 pcs).

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