Full Metal Jacket For Printed USB Flash Drives

USB Flash drives printed with a company logo on not only look fantastic but, they are typically very well received when given out, they do a great job at promoting the company whose name is printed on them and they build brand affinity and loyalty.

For an item that costs a couple of pounds USB flash drives really do punch above their weight. There are very few other promotional products that have such a wide appeal, are as easy to use and have such a high-perceived value. Load the USB flash drives up with sales brochures or other information that’s relevant to target audience for the USB sticks and you’ll boost their desirability even more.

USB Presentation Tins

By loading the flash drives with data before they are handed out it’s also possible to offset the cost of buying the flash drives against the saving made by not printing the collateral loaded onto the drives.

If you really want to raise the “desirability bar” even higher then its worth looking at options to supply the flash drives in presentation boxes or tins. There are lots of presentation box options available but some of the more stylish ones are made of tin and come with a foam insert that is custom made to fit snugly around the USB flash drive. These foam inserts, (typically available in white or black) protect the USB flash drive whilst in transit but more fundamentally they help to show off the drive.

USB Tin Boxes

Presentation tins come in three different styles; removable lid, hinged lid and a lid with a “window” that allows you to see the USB flash drive that’s stored inside the tin. The tins can also be printed to compliment the USB sticks but this will add more cost so its worth checking on the price of printing so that you can see if your budget will stretch to this.

Whichever option you opt for presentation tins add a real “wow” factor and consequently they are ideal if you’re out to impress.

One thing to consider if you do buy presentation tins for your USB sticks is that they add quite significantly to the overall weight of the USB sticks – not a problem individually but just something to bear in mind if you are transporting them to a venue or a show, particularly if you are taking them overseas with you.

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