Free Data Loading Offer Extended on Branded Memory Sticks

Not only does the popularity of branded flash drives continue unabated but also the trend towards pre-loading data onto the drives continues to grow. Given the benefits pre-loading the flash drives its not surprising really but what is surprising is that some suppliers charge extortionate amounts of money to load any data for their clients.

USB Data Loading

At USB2U we’re currently offering to data-load your branded USB flash drives for free (up to a maximum limit of 100MB beyond which the fee is just 10p per stick)

We always recommend making use of the flash memory on any branded flash drive that you buy because its just a great way to distribute information about your company, your products or your event at very little cost. Compared to the price of printing, transporting and distributing the collateral the benefits and savings are significant.

Of course you do need to be organised and have your data ready. Its not necessary to have the data ready when you place an order but ideally it is needed a couple of days before you want them delivered. We use our own in-house professional data loading and data duplication equipment to load the data onto your memory sticks so we’re in control

Branded Memory Sticks

of the whole process for you. The beauty of this is we can deal with any last minute issues and we can and do test all of the memory sticks as we load the data. Of course they will have been QA’d by our factory during production but this additional check is a useful “belt and braces” check.

Any style, shape, design or memory size of flash drive can be pre-loaded with data and pretty much any format of data can be loaded. Popular examples of data files that are typically used include; PDF’s, PowerPoint Slides, Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, Links to websites and media files.

If you are looking to buy branded memory sticks and you are interested in our offer of FREE data loading then just mention this to your Account Manager and they’ll talk you through the options. In fact, why not combine our free data-loading offer with our offer of FREE boxes and FREE pantone matching (on certain models) and grad yourself a real bargain!

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