Feeling the Heat – Cool Down With A USB Fan

The weather is glorious today but if you’re working in an office with no air-conditioning the warm weather outside can make life more than a little uncomfortable inside.

The amount of electrical equipment used in offices these days does not help because these all generate a heat output with PC’s being the worst culprit – normally the level of heat they produce is not an issue but as temperatures climb all of a sudden it can become unbearable.

As the temperatures climb some companies will lease or buy portable air-conditioning units (not always easy to use if you have sealed windows or its noisy with the windows open because you need to vent the air/moisture away), others will rush out and buy large “industrial” fans but these can be noisy and they’re difficult to moderate to keep everyone happy.

USB Fans

An alternative to using large fans or portable air-conditioning units is to hand out personal fans to every member of staff. These offer the give the greatest amount of personal flexibility because everyone can control when the fans are on/off and the direction of the air flow but hundreds of electric fans can be expensive, you have to consider where they are plugged in and you have to take into consideration the on-going PAT testing costs (there is a legal requirement on every company to have all electrical appliance tested every year and typically there is a charge for each appliance that is tested).

USB fans

USB fans can be plugged into any spare USB port on a PC, they draw their power from the PC they are connected to, they don’t need any batteries and they don’t need PAT testing. They’re pretty compact and they can be supplied with a longer lead to reach USB ports on PC’s under desks. They’re ideal “personal” air-cooling solutions and a welcome addition to any warm/stuffy office.

At £1.99 each the fans are an inexpensive solution that’s worth the money in terms of staff morale alone! Better still the USB fans can be branded so they make an ideal giveaway – with the branded area of the fan pointed directly at the user you can be pretty much assured that any brand printed on them is going to be in the eye line of the user.

So if you’re looking for a solution to help you and your staff cool down or perhaps you’re looking for a giveaway that is a little bit different but is likely to be well received then these USB fans are certainly worth considering.

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