Fashion Brands Getting All Flash

Whether it’s to support the launch of a new collection in London, Paris or Milan or to hand out to the fashion press at a press launch, branded USB flash drives are becoming a popular accessory within any Press Kit or Pack.

After all branded flash drives done well look cool, trendy, and to use some overused expressions synonymous with the f

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ashion industry are very much “of the moment” and are a “must have” accessory that “just screams” that you’re “on trend”. Seriously though branded flash drives or memory sticks as they are sometimes called are just a great way of handing out your portfolio, magazine shots, reviews and information on the collection, the designer and so on. All of this information can be pre-loaded as files, movies, clips and web links onto the memory stick which in turn can be branded with the house brand.

Its so much easier to hand out a small, compact and stylish branded flash drive that contains all of these information than printing loads of photos and reams of paper. Not only is it easier but its more cost effective to duplicate them onto a memory stick and its certainly cheaper to transport a few hundred memory sticks to your event venue than it is to truck thousands of printed sheets, brochures and CD’s.

And the real beauty of a flash drive is that they have a life beyond the event or show because people like to use them for saving and carrying their own data around. So, it’s important if your order them to choose a version that has enough memory to incentivise the on going use of the flash drive. This way you not only get immediate benefit at the show/event but you will hopefully get a brand advocate that will continue to use your flash drive and promote your

Branded USB

brand long after the end of the show/event.

There are lots of different designs and styles of flash drives to choose from and even if any of the “standard” designs don’t do it for you remember that you can commission your own bespoke design. Pretty much any shape can be produced so don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow but do remember that custom versions take a couple of weeks longer to produce. Cost wise they are only marginally more expensive and this is primarily because of the extra tooling and set-up costs.

If you’re not sure whether to go with a standard version or custom model then give your supplier a call. They should be able to guide you through the options and help you choose the right memory size for your event.

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