Extreme USB Data Protection

Protecting a company’s data can be very important, whether it’s financial stats, tactical plans or confidential information.  Considering some of the headline stories in the past few years it’s not necessary to explain the various ways that data storage devices can be lost and the seriousness of information getting into the wrong hands.  However, we have found a USB flash drive that gives a slightly different meaning to data protection.

The Cryptex USB flash drive seen on the Da Vinci Code USB Stickright was made by a Russian man who goes by the alias of “Tarator”.  He deigned the USB flash drive on AutoCAD and then had it fabricated from metal, it is therefore a real working Cryptex as opposed to a USB shell concept.  It resembles a smaller version of the Cryptex used in the Dan Browne book and film “Da Vinci Code”, yet, we’d say that a USB stick was a much more rewarding prize than a piece of paper.  Forgetting the code could be quite annoying especially if your presentation is saved on it or you’re in a rush to have the information saved and you can’t get it opened.

These USB flash drives would certainly make an impact for any company if given out as a promotional gift with their own clues and passwords.  They would be especially suitable for a security company or a software data encryption company.  This flash drive design however, is not available to the public and it is currently unknown whether or not it will be taken to production.

Unfortunately USB2U don’t sell a Cryptex USB flash drive or even a puzzle flash drive however, we do offer a password protection service on the data pre-loaded onto logo USB memory sticks.

You can restrict access to any data you load onto your flash drives by protecting use of the flash drive with a password. We can set the password to anything you want during the manufacture process or we can leave it set to a standard "default" password that the user will be prompted to change on first use.  So how does it work? When a user accesses the USB Flash drive, they are presented with a padlock icon. When this is clicked the user is prompted to enter a password. It’s as simple and secure as that!

If this isn’t enough protection for the information that you want storing on your branded USB flash drives then we would suggest trying to replicate the Cryptex USB memory stick.  Good luck!

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