Don’t Send a Christmas Card – Send a USB Card

Will your business be sending Christmas Cards to your customers this year? It’s a long standing tradition for businesses but how many that continue to send them really stand back and evaluate the benefit they get popping a Christmas card in the post every year. After all with postage costs increasing all the time (even for 2nd class mail) it’s not exactly cheap anymore.

Having said that is sending a card really about reinforcing the relationship with your customer, telling that you still appreciate their continued business and hoping that they’ll continue to trade with you or is it merely good manners. If it’s the latter then whilst it’s a noble gesture is it a gesture you can really afford in today’s financial climate – doesn’t every penny of business expenditure need to be fully justified and accounted for. Too much like a Bah Humbug sentiment for you?

USB Cards for Christmas USB Cards for Christmas

If you one of the tens of thousands of businesses that are going to send a Christmas card to their customers this year (regardless of the cost and regardless of any payback they might deliver) then you might just want to stop and consider for a minute whether you should send a USB card instead. A few years ago this option would have been a non-starter for most but with prices plummeting over the last year you can now get fully branded and personalised USB Cards for about the cost of a regular Christmas card!

The benefits of a USB Christmas Card over the regular type are:

  1. They can be fully personalised with your company brand, logo and message – we can even put a unique message or name on every card for you.
  2. They are only 2mm thick and very light so they can be sent out in a standard sized envelope for minimal cost (lots of cards now attract “large letter” postage charges)
  3. The real value add of a USB Card is that they can be loaded with loads of information about your company, you can put your own personal greeting on the card (video, audio message, PowerPoint message – all sort of things)
  4. Most cards are at least 4GB which means they’ll offer great storage options to the recipient meaning they’ll probably keep and use the card after Christmas is over. So unlike conventional cards that will end up in the bin in early January a USB card is not necessarily for life but it will have a life and use well after the festive season is over.

It’s not too late to order these for this year – at USB2U we carry thousands in stock and we can print and deliver in as little as 24hrs. We can even management the fulfilment for you as well if you want.

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