Don't Hang Around – Metal USB Carabiners Could Be The Answer

A Carabiner or if you prefer a Karabiner is a stainless steel carbine hook with an integral sprung gate that is commonly used in climbing, caving, sailing and canoeing. In additional to recreational sports, carabiners are also used to connect to and secure people working industrial environments where personal safety is an issue.

USB Carabiner

What is less known about the humble carabiner is that there is a version that is available as a USB flash drive. These USB carabiners are manufactured in much the same way that a conventional carabiner is made. The primary difference is that one leading edge has been widened to accommodate the USB flash memory module, the USB controller chip and the USB connector.

Most USB flash drives need a separate keyring, split-ring or cord-loop to secure them to a bag, rucksack or brief case but with a carabiner USB these aren’t needed because the carabiner clips directly and securely to any bag or belt. The inherent strength of the carabiner is maintained in the USB version so it’s incredibly strong and although not recommended it will carry the weight of a person.

USB karabiner

As a promotional product the USB carabiner is ideal for use by any sport related brand or company because it brilliantly reflects what they do. Examples include climbing sport brands, winter sport brands, high-wire rope activity centres, sailing clubs or boat manufacturers and activity holiday companies.

USB carabiners, just like conventional USB flash drives are available in a wide range of memory sizes and colours and of course the integral memory can be pre-loaded with sales and marketing material before distribution.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, a little bit quirky but nevertheless something very functional and something that’s going to be well received then a USB carabiner might be just the answer.

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