Discover our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products

Discover our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products

Discover our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Products

At USB2U we have been working really hard to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. This work is really important to us because we strive to be fair, ethical, and trustworthy.

In order to achieve some of these goals, we have created incredible tech gifts that offer a long life span. This helps to reduce the waste that is associated with the short-term use of throw-away tech gifts. We have also been expanding our eco-friendly products so that we continue contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.

Follow us as we take you through our carefully selected top 5 eco-friendly products.

Bamboo 10000 Solar Power Bank

New to our range of eco-friendly tech products, the Bamboo Solar Power Bank is a top choice for your client's charging needs. What makes this power bank truly stand out is its built-in solar panel which boosts power using solar energy, its excellent battery capacity of 10000mAh, and the fact that it’s made from FSC-certified Bamboo.

It doesn’t end there, it even boasts ample space for engraving or logo printing.

engraved bamboo solar power bank

Bamboo Circle Wireless Charger

Our Bamboo Circle Wireless Charger is a best seller and a customer favorite. Its sleek and stylish design has been intentionally made to suit any environment. So whether you place it in your home, or in your office, you can be sure it will seamlessly blend in.

It offers a 10W charging capacity, boasts generous space for logo branding, and is made from naturally sustainable bamboo.

a bamboo circle wireless charger engraved with a Quorn logo

Wooden Wireless Charger

The Wooden Wireless Charger is another fantastic wireless charging solution. It comes in a choice of three finishes, maple, walnut, and bamboo. Each of the finishes can either be printed or engraved with a company logo, slogan, or message.

With 10W fast charging, this wireless charger will give the smartphone a boost of power in no time at all!

Eco Pro 10000 Power Bank

The Eco Pro 10000 Power Bank stands as one of our highest-capacity power banks. Crafted from Intertek-certified recycled ABS plastic, it provides your clients with an eco-friendly charging solution that is also capable of charging multiple devices on a single charge.

With a battery size of 10,000mAh, your clients can attain a full battery without having to wait for long periods. It boasts two USB output ports to charge a couple of devices at the same time. It also has both a micro USB, a Type C input to charge the power bank itself, and a USB-C output.

The recycled ABS plastic casing can be printed digitally with a full-colour design and is available on our Express Service.

Eco Pro 10000 Power Bank with Your Eco Logo here

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

The Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker is a unique audio device crafted entirely from bamboo.  It boasts a 10-metre Bluetooth transmission distance, 2hr playback time, and a 3w output loud speaker.

The bamboo casing of this speaker can be customized with a company logo through either printing or engraving.

Heart radio bamboo bluetooth speaker

We also recommend the following products for a more sustainable choice.

Eco Hook Charging Cable

Bamboo Travel Cable Kit

Eco Twister and Eco Magnetic Box Bundle

For more information please contact our sales team at [email protected]

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