Did We Mention We Do Boxes For Flash Drives

Gift boxes and presentation tins for printed USB flash drives tend to be a bit of an afterthought but undeservedly so because a good quality gift box can really lift the overall look and feel of a branded USB flash drive.

Whilst a gift box will add to the weight and transportation costs of the USB Flash Drives there’s no getting away from the fact that flash drives given out in gift boxes look better than flash drives given out without them.

USB Gift Boxes

There is a wide range of presentation boxes available and there’s something for every style of USB flash drive, USB pen and USB credit card. Some are manufactured from card; some from plastic and some from tin but they all come with a custom insert that is cut to the shape of the USB stick they are going to hold.

Most gift boxes and presentation tins can be overprinted for a small additional cost, some come with “windows” in the lid so that you can see the branded flash drive though the lid whilst others are made from a translucent plastic so you can see the flash drive without opening the box.

Flash Drive Gift Boxes

If you’re planning to give out lanyards, keyring attachments, or other accessories then boxes are a must to keep the drive and accessories all neatly bundled together. Without a box your USB flash drives will just look messy and all the effort you’ve put into choosing the type of drive, getting the print right and getting them on time will potentially be lost or at the very least they just won’t look as professional as they could do.

Branded USB Flash Drive Boxes

Gift and presentation boxes only add a small amount to the overall cost of printed USB flash drives so if your budget allows and you don’t have to worry about shipping them overseas (when the freight costs will be high) they are definitely worth considering. At the very least ask your supplier to mock up a couple of box options for you so that you can get a feel for how your printed USB sticks might look in a box.

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