Custom USB Solution for Cableduct

Custom USB memory sticks look set to be the “big thing” in the promotional USB market in 2010 and one of the companies that’s ahead of the game in the use of a custom memory stick is Cableduct.

This is no surprise really as Cableduct have always been a company synonymous with innovation and design. They have picked up a string of awards for their cable management systems including the 2008 Innovation Award and the Electrical Industry Innovative Product of the Year award in 2009.

What better way then to show off their Cableduct system whilst at the same time providing their customers with the latest product information and pricing than to commission a fully bespoke memory stick manufactured in the shape of their best selling Cableduct system.

Cableduct Custom USB

The end result looks fantastic. Not only do Cableduct now have a unique USB memory stick but its been loaded with all of their sales, marketing and pricing material. This is an ideal tool for Cableducts sales team to use during customer visits, to give away at trade shows and exhibitions or to use at any Press Event.

This really is an example of custom memory sticks at their best – the shape really does reflect the company and the company’s product(s), it will have massive customer impact and recall and it will really help to underpin the company’s brand and sales activities.

Creating this custom memory stick was very much a team effort with Cableduct coming up with the idea and concept and the team at USB2U working with them to turn it into reality and then taking care of the data loading for them.

During 2010 we expect more and more companies to place orders for custom USB memory sticks rather than standard “factory designs” that are overprinted. Not only do custom USB memory sticks deliver a “bigger bang for your buck” but the historic minimum order quantities and large set up costs associated with this type of product have all but been eroded. The only real consideration is the lead-time to deliver the completed memory sticks. Where are standard “printed memory stick” can be delivered in around 10-14 days you need to allow around 28 days for a custom memory stick.

If you would like pricing on your own custom memory stick then just give our team at USB2U a call or if you prefer complete our on-line enquiry form.

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