Custom USB Memory Sticks – What are the benefits?

Standard printed and engraved USB Memory sticks are incredibly popular at the moment with more and more companies recognising the benefits they deliver. The downside of this is that as more companies use promotional USB sticks to promote their products or to support their below the line marketing activities it is becoming more challenging to make an impact.

The “wow” factor of being given a USB sticks that was prevalent just a few years ago is in danger of being replaced with a “so what” response. It’s not because the inherent benefits of the drives are any different today than a few years ago it’s just than when you’ve already been given 4 or 5 USB sticks being given another one is just not exciting or interesting anymore. They might perform a function (and perform it well) but the excitement that was associated with being given one for free has certainly dissipated over the years – is it a case of familiarity breeds contempt with USB sticks?

In an increasingly crowded market one of the ways of making your USB sticks stand out is get them produced in a shape or design that is unique to your business or even manufactured in the shape of a product you sell. Custom USB sticks are easier to order than you might think and done well they can generate a significant amount of interest and chatter.

A few years ago you would have had to order custom USB sticks in the thousands to get the unit cost down to a sensible level but today with advances in design, tooling and production (as well as greater competition) price have tumbled as have the minimum order thresholds. They are still going to be a little more expensive than any standard “factory” designed stick but the impact they still deliver the “wow” factor that was common with any free memory stick a few years ago.

If you do decided to order some custom USB memory sticks then bear in mind that the lead time for them will be a little longer than for standard USB sticks. The extra time is to allow for 3-D CAD drawings and physical samples to be produced and approved before the finals production begins. So, plan ahead, allow a couple of extra weeks- it will be time well spent because the end results can be spectacular.

In terms of design or shape pretty much anything is possible as you can see from the examples below. You’re also not limited to plastic because they can be produced in metal, bamboo or wood – it all depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

The best advice is to find a supplier that has a proven track record of producing Custom USB sticks and a supplier with local, in-house design capabilities that can work with you on developing your ideas into the final concept.

Custom USB Memory Sticks

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