Custom USB Memory Sticks - Sitting And Reflecting

There is no doubt about it, a custom USB memory stick done well will grab peoples attention, gets them engaged with you and your company and gets them talking about your product(s). Really good examples of custom USB memory sticks can create a viral “chatter” beyond your initial target audience. It’s not unusual for photographs of bespoke flash drives to appear on Facebook, BEBO, personal blog sites and other Social Networking sites and forums – and all of this is excellent free advertising.

Some products like the excellent Orange characters (below) and the Portable USB Toilet (also below) really do lend themselves to being created as a Custom Memory Sticks. In the case of the Orange characters they dovetail brilliantly into Orange’s TV and Poster campaign whereas the USB portable toilets are just that little bit different and not an obvious case for a custom USB stick. Both have generated significant attention and “chatter” and show just what can be done with a little thought and imagination.

Custom Memory Sticks

Just like any standard branded memory sticks, custom (or bespoke) versions are incredibly popular as giveaways at trade shows, conferences, press events, road shows and fresher fairs. Whether you give away custom versions or standard factory models printed with your logo or brand they’re still going to be well received and the inherent usefulness of the memory stick will be appreciated by all. But, if you do want to get that little bit more from the sticks then you should consider going for a fully customised version.

Historically higher costs and longer lead times took bespoke versions out of reach many customers but increased competition amongst the factories that manufacture them has dramatically increased the lead times and in many cases the initial tooling and set up costs have are now waived (subject to minimum order quantities)

Custom USB Toilet

The per unit cost of a custom version is now only pennies more than the standard version and most suppliers of branded memory sticks will be able to quote and supply for custom versions. The better suppliers will also have in-house designers that can work with you to develop and design 2-D and 3-D concepts for your approval before any formal order is placed. Typically you’ll then get a physical sample of your sticks before the factory commits to the final production.

If you have a product, brand or idea that lends itself to a custom product then be prepared to push for it because the end results are well worth it.

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