Custom USB Memory Sticks – Don’t Compromise

For the last 4 years we’ve been predicting the day when fully customised USB sticks would eclipse the sale of printed promotional USB sticks but we might have been too optimistic in our forecast.

Whilst there has been an increase in demand for custom models they are still a long way from knocking the standard versions off their pedestal. It’s a surprise to us not least because the market in the USA has seen a significant growth in the sale of custom versions and we expected the UK and Europe to follow suit.

We’ve also seen unit prices tumble and historically high set up costs have been removed from all but the smallest orders (less than 100 pcs). Lead times have been cut to just a couple of weeks and the whole customer engagement process (the supply of CAD drawings, physical samples etc.) has been improved dramatically.

So why aren’t more customers buying or commissioning their “own design” USB sticks? We can only assume it’s because we’ve failed to get the message out about just how easy it is to and how competitively priced they are. In the UK we still tend associate “bespoke” and “custom” with expensive.

Equally there is a perception that anything “custom” made will have a long lead time and require lots of active involvement on the part of the customer to get it done – nothing could actually be further from the truth! At USB2U we take away all the pressure and stress. We design the USB sticks for you and we manage the whole production and delivery schedule for you. All you need to supply is the basic idea or concept (in as rough a format as you want).

Custom USB Memory Sticks Custom USB Memory Sticks from USB2U

In our opinion you should definitely consider Custom USB Sticks for your next event or show. You’ll love them and you’re customer will appreciate the extra effort and thought you’ve put into them. Here’s a basic checklist to help you through what is a painless process anyway:

  1. Firstly be clear what a custom USB memory stick is. It is not a standard "factory owned" design that is printed with your brand or logo. A bespoke USB stick, just like a bespoke tailored suit, is manufactured specifically for you and you will "own" the finished design.
  2. Pretty much any 2-D or 3-D shape can be produced so don't be afraid to ask for what might seem impossible.
  3. There are lots of different material and finishes to choose from with the most popular being plastic, PVC, ABS, Silicon, PET, rubber and wood. If you’re not sure what’s going to be best for you then leave it to us.
  4. Build in a week or two more for your order (that’s all) This will give us enough time to develop a few ideas for you, get your approval on the final design and then get your order sampled and manufactured.
  5. Choose a supplier that has experience of producing custom USB sticks and us ideally located in the same county as you!. There are plenty of companies around offering “standard printed sticks” but very few have any experience in bespoke flash drives and you will need a supplier that has in-house design support to help you develop the concepts you’re your flash drive and produce the 3-D drawing for the factory to work from.

At USB2U we LOVE working on custom USB projects so give us a call and chat through your ideas with us.

Custom USB Sticks - Sumo Custom USB Sticks - Sumo

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