Custom USB Flash Drives Keep Your Business Moving

One of the challenges facing any business in these difficult times is to keep the sales leads coming in and to keep existing customers not only happy but continually informed about new products and services that you launch.

Of course the Internet has helped tremendously to keep the dialogue flowing with customers (new and old) and if you’re using Twitter and Facebook then these applications provide all sorts of interesting opportunities to engage with your customers in a dynamic way without being too invasive. Understandably not every business has the time or the expertise to use them but for many they are proving invaluable and eventually most businesses will need to embrace them.

Alternatives to the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook include the use of promotional USB flash drives. These have become incredibly popular over the last 2-3 years. The reasons are; falling prices, better range of designs, larger memory sizes and the ease with which data files can be loaded onto the flash drives.

USB flash drives are typically used as “giveaways” at trade shows to attract new customers, to hand out to journalists at press launches or they are simply sent to customers in the post to keep them appraised of new products – some companies are now sending USB flash drives loaded with their sales brochures because its cheaper than printing the brochures and paying for the postage costs to send them out.

Custom Removal Van

To really make an impact with a USB flash drive it’s worth considering commissioning your own fully customised design. Whilst there are hundreds of different models of flash drive available “off the shelf” including flash drives made from wood, bamboo, leather and metal there is no doubt that a custom version can really make your brand and company stand out and keep you ahead of the competition.

Custom flash drives are typically manufactured in a shape that reflects the broad thrust of the business or alternatively they are made to look like a specific product, e.g. a tyre, a fork-lift truck, a removal van or an eraser. Anything is possible.

Custom USB flash drives can create a real buzz and lead to lots of internet chatter and discussion on social networking sites so they are a great way get “viral” discussions going.

Costing only a little more than standard factory models that are just printed with a logo they are definitely worth considering. The only downside is the lead-time which can be anything up to 6 weeks so if you do want to use a custom USB stick then you need to plan ahead.

If you don’t have artwork or a specific design in mind don’t be put off – any supplier of Custom USB flash drives worth their salt should have in-house designers that can work up some concepts for you to consider.

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