Custom USB Credit Cards Looking The Business

If you’re looking to promote your business, to attract people to a stand at a trade show, to send delegates away from a conference with information on the next event or simply encourage further sales then you might want to take a look at the latest range of USB credit card flash drives.

Everyone is pretty familiar with regular USB flash drives and most will have used one or more at school, university or in their job but not everyone appreciates you can now buy USB flash drives in the shape of a credit card.

USB Credit Cards

To be fair credit card shaped flash drives are not new, they’ve been around for a good number of years but very few were purchased because the early versions were very thick and a bit ugly. With the continued miniaturisation of technology the latest generation of credit cards USB sticks are a mere 2mm thick making them only marginally “fatter” than a standard bank card.

At this thickness these cards now slot comfortably into wallets, purses and bags that are designed to carry standard

USB Credit Card

bank cards so they are incredibly easy to carry and to use. So, if you decide to use a USB credit cards printed with your brand or logo on then there is a strong likelihood these cards will be carried around by the recipient in their wallet or purse – a fantastic place to get your brand and a great way to continually reinforce your key sales messages.

Of course one of the other major benefits of using a credit card shaped USB flash drive rather than a standard “stick” is the much larger print area you have to work with. Printing a logo, a strap line, a phone number and a website address on a standard rectangular flash drive is almost impossible (even when you print on both side of the drive). Even if you do get all of these components printed on the stick they’ll be so small that you’d need a magnifying glass to read them comfortably!

With USB credit cards there is no such problem meaning you can be a creative, as you like. The flat surface of the cards means you can even reproduce complex images with tints and gradients – effectively you can produce photo quality printing.

A further benefit of these cards is that just like any standard flash drive you can pre-load them with lots of data. It’s not unusual for companies that use them to load onto them before they are given out things like sales brochures (PDFs), price lists, technical support documents, media files, video clips and links to web sites. If you get this information ready when you order your credit card flash drives then typically the data can be loaded for you free of charge. It’ll also save you the hassle (not to be underestimated) of loading the data yourself.

Customised USB Credit Cards (printed) are growing in popularity and look set to challenge some of the more traditional designs for top spot in the promotional sector this year.

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