Custom USB Challenge

If there’ one thing we like doing more than anything else it’s working with our customers to deliver innovative, fun and exciting custom USB memory sticks that get people talking. Whilst we supply hundreds of thousands of promotional USB memory sticks every year to tens of thousands of companies it’s the custom requests that really get us excited. Why? Well, whilst “regular” promotional USB memory sticks are great and whilst they still account for well over 95% of all of the USB sticks we sell it’s the custom ones that we remember.

So, if you follow that logic through then if we remember them then you can be pretty sure that anyone that’s given one is going to remember it. Whether it’s a USB dinosaur, a set of USB lips, a USB duck or a USB Nike trainer they all create an impact, a buzz and typically a flurry of activity of social network sites and picture sites like Pinterest! It’s well known fact that people like to be given USB sticks (see the research from the BPMA) but they “love” to be given a well thought out and fun custom USB stick.

So, if your company is thinking about using promotional USB sticks as part of an overall advertising and marketing strategy then you might want to explore the options to commission your own fully bespoke USB sticks. Surprisingly they are not as expensive as you might think (prices are typically only a little more than “standard” sticks) and these days there are no set-up or tooling costs to worry about and the minimum order quantities are only a couple of hundred!

What you do need to factor in though is time! Mot good things are worth waiting for and it’s the same with any bespoke item be it a suit, a dress, a piece of furniture. It’s the same with USB’s – a standard model can be printed and delivered in as little as 24hrs but for a custom model made to your design then realistically you need to allow 4-6 weeks. It’s possible to rush things though in closer to 4 weeks but only if you have your design ready and you’re geared up to sign off photographic and physical samples/proofs at the drop of a hat.

So don’t be put off commissioning custom USB sticks because of cost – the very small incremental cost is more than offset by the impact and buzz they’ll make. But, do allow time to get them designed, the moulds built and the samples approved.

Hopefully the images shown here and on our own Pinterest pages will illustrate the art of what’s possible and encourage you to take up the Custom USB challenge.

Custom USB Sticks from USB2U

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