Cheap USB Memory Sticks for Schools and Universities

If you’re looking for some USB memory sticks printed or engraved with your logo on and you need them at a really good price then you’ve come to the right place. We’re running some exclusive deals for schools and universities that will blow your socks off!

Let’s be clear, at USB2U when we talk about cheap we mean fantastic value and not “cheap and nasty”, poor quality, poor performing USB memory sticks – we wouldn’t jeopardise our brand or your schools reputation by supply you with inferior products just to secure a sale. No, we’re talking about fantastically discounted offers that are only available to Schools & Universities in the UK so if you qualify and you are looking for some USB sticks do get in touch.

The reason we run these promotions is because we know that school and local education authority budgets are under renewed pressure and we want to help you get the “best bang for buck” when procuring USB memory sticks.

We supply tens of thousands of USB sticks every month and we’ve been supplying them for over 10 years so your order will be in safe hands with us! Just let us know what you need (numbers, memory size, type of flash drive) and send us your logo and we’ll not only get back to you with some cracking prices but we’ll also work up some mock-ups of memory sticks for you to consider.

With USB2U there are no hidden extras, no nasty incidental costs that are tucked away in the small print and there is certainly no compromise on the quality of products. We’ll give you our best price in a simple, uncomplicated proposal with examples of what you flash drives will look like and remember that we only ever supply branded memory sticks with Grade A flash memory chips modules and we certainly never supply re-cycled or “re-graded” flash modules.

All of our school and university customers are guaranteed immediate 30 day terms and all we need from you to get the process started a school or university Purchase Order or an email confirming your order. That’s it. Simple isn’t it.

If we have got your interest just give us a call or fill out our on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch with you.

Don’t forget if you need your printed USB sticks in a hurry that we carry thousands in stock in the UK which we can print and deliver in as little as 24hrs!

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