Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Personalised USB Flash Drive

We’re only just over two weeks away from Valentine’s Day and for the old romantics amongst us it’s a time to express how we feel about the most import person in our lives. It’s also big business with spending on Valentine’s Day expected to top £1 billion this year!

This report by the Daily Telegraph last year predicted spending at £978 million so £1 billion a year on (and with the economy and feel good factor on the rise) is going to be easily achieved. Unsurprisingly the most popular gifts are flowers, chocolate and perfumes with men spending almost twice the amount of women (in terms of overall spend)!

What’s less well reported is that companies use this time of the year to engage in business marking using Valentine’s Day as a clever “excuse” to say how much they value and love their customers. Expect to see a mini explosion of Valentine’s Day competitions, website with a red theme, Valentines discounts and offers and marketing copy and adverts that seamlessly tie in with the whole Valentine’s Day vibe that’s about to hit us (whether we want it or not).

Not one to miss out on an opportunity we thought we better let our customers know that we can also offer a range of Valentine’s Day themed USB memory sticks. Unfortunately we don’t have any USB hearts in stock but we do have 24 other types of USB sticks that we can print or engrave with a heart and/or other appropriate message. We can also load your messages of thanks, appreciation and love of your customers onto the USB sticks for you. Better still we can pop them into some lovely printed gift boxes for you and wrap them all up with a pink ribbon!

Here’s a quick example of a heart printed onto one of our circle shaped USB Cards:

Valentine's Day USB Hearts

If you are interested in USB Cards for a Valentines themed marketing campaign then ideally don’t do the “bloke” thing and leave it till the last minute. Whilst we can turn orders around in just 24hrs we’re already very busy with Chinese New Year so a little extra time to get things “just perfect” for you would be appreciated.

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