Bullet Proof USB Flash Drives – Ideal For Students

We’re often asked by Schools and Universities to recommend a USB flash drive that can withstand the rigours of daily use (and abuse) by their students. It’s not unusual for these institutions to buy thousands of flash drives each year for their annual intake and either provide them free of charge as part of their “joining pack” or to sell them via the school or university shop.

Whether they are being given away or sold these flash drive have to have several key characteristics:

  1. They have to be reliable and work every time they are used – good quality grade flash memory chip should be used to ensure the flash drives have a reasonable life and won’t fail in the first few months of use. For a student there would be nothing worse than saving a dissertation onto a flash drive only to find that it failed when you needed to retrieve the file.
  2. Ideally the flash drives need to be reasonably fast – standard promotional USB flash drive have a typical read/write speed of around 2 – 4MB per second. Student will appreciate faster read/write speeds, which means specifying better quality flash memory components, and faster controller chips when you buy the flash drives.
  3. They need to be physically robust – reliability and speed are of course important but given the punishment these flash drives take in the hands of students it’s critical that a strong, robust model is chosen. There are lots of plastic or metal and plastic models around and whilst these are popular with businesses to support their sales and marketing activities they are not the ideal option for students. Our recommendation is something like the metal Capsule USB flash drive.

Metal Capsule USB Flash Drives Metal Capsule USB Flash Drives

The Metal Capsule Drive is an excellent choice for students because:

  1. It’s manufactured from tough, lightweight steel but it has no square or sharp edges. As such its safe to handle and incredibly stong.
  2. It can be attached to a keyring or bag easily and quickly
  3. The cap screws on so whilst it does have a cap (and of course caps can be lost) the cap, once on won’t accidentally come off and it provide a good level of protection to the USB connector.
  4. There’s a rubber seal between the body of the drive and the cap so when the cap is screwed on the drive becomes watertight and will withstand the occasional wash in a washing machine
  5. They look pretty cool and are the sort of flash drives that will appeal to students.

If you’re interested in getting a price for the Capsule USB Flash drive then give us a call on 0800 008 7079 or fill in the online quote request form and we’ll get back to you in a flash!

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