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If you’ve been to a to a theme park at any time during the past few years and you’ve been on any of the rides then you can expect to have been photographed whilst you’ve had the living daylights scared out of you or been drenched with water on the water rides.

USB Wristbands

Of course these photographs make great souvenirs and they’re brilliant reminders of your day out. At some theme parks they are all pervasive and it can be a little tiresome if you’re a parent and you have children with you who want you to buy photographs and souvenirs at the end of every ride. The other challenge is carrying the photographs around with you all day although some of the theme parks have a facility where you can order them as you go around the park and pick them up on your way out.

Some of the more innovative theme parks have now introduced an option to buy the photographs from the rides digitally and supplied on a branded USB memory stick. This is a fantastic idea because not only is it often easier and more convenient to carry around a small USB flash drive loaded with the photo’s but, you can buy the photo’s you want at the end of each ride and simply have them up-loaded to your USB memory stick as you go around the park!

There are lots of styles and designs of USB memory sticks that the theme parks can use but one of the more popular models is the USB wristband – these are easy to carry, easy to use and they’re a little bit different.

With the photographs digitally stored on the USB sticks it’s easy when you get home to print them off on your own colour printer or alternatively upload them onto sites like Facebook or just email them around to your friends and family. Arguably you could do the same with printed photos but you have to first go through all the hassle of scanning the photographs and uploading them onto your PC before you can do this.

At the moment there are only a few theme parks offering this solution but it’s proving popular so expect to see it adopted in much greater numbers pretty soon.

USB Roller Coaster

If you’re a theme park operator and you’re looking for a provider of the USB wristbands or any other style of USB memory stick then you might consider the team at USB2U. Established in 2002 USB2U has years of experience in the supply of all types of promotional and branded USB memory sticks including those supplied to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Wickstead Park.

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