Branded USB Hubs - Kills The Promotional Mouse Mat…….!

Have you already provided your clients with Branded USB Memory sticks? Looking to offer something a little different, but still within the same price bracket of promotional USB Memory Sticks? Then why not consider Branded USB Hubs.

Branded USB

Branded USB Hubs are the equivalent to the mains power extension sockets. In essence, it takes one USB port and splits into 2, 4 or 7 additional ports. Allowing the end user to plug in a whole range of different USB devices, such as Promotional USB Memory Sticks.

They are simple plug and play and you can never have enough USB Ports. Click here to view our range.

So what other advantage by Branded USB hubs provide:

  • As a promotion gift it has real intrinsic and practical value.
  • The print area is typically larger that then average USB Memory Stick allowing greater scope for branding and getting your marketing message across.
  • By adding a USB extension lead it allows the USB hub to sit proudly on the users desktop and as such your brand is always front of mind.
  • A blister pack can also be branded with your logo and marketing message.
  • USB hubs now come in a range of different shape, colours and sizes for greater impact.

A word of warning however, USB hubs draw power from the usb port it is plugged into. As such power hungry USB devices may slow the hub down. There is a solution to this, simply add a mains power supply to the unit and the problem is resolved.

All in all Branded USB Hubs are an excellent alterative to the tired branded mouse mat. To view our range, please click here.

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