Branded USB Flash Drives - To Box or Not to Box That is the Question

If you’re ordering USB flash drives printed with a logo on for a forthcoming event, show, press conference or exhibition then one of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself is do you need to supply the USB flash drives in a gift box or would you be better off handing them out without any packaging?

USB Gift Boxes

There are two clear schools of thought on this with the “pro box” camp arguing that if you’re going to give someone a “gift” then you should package and present it just as you would any other gift. Consider if you’d be just as happy if your partner gave you a gift on your birthday but failed to put any thought into the way the gift was presented and given to you. It would look like he or she simply couldn’t be bothered or didn’t have the time to wrap up the gift and present it properly.

Part of the enjoyment of being given a gift is seeing how much thought has gone into it, how its been personalised for you and unwrapping or opening the gift to reveal the surprise. If the same gift were simply handed over in a plastic bag it wouldn’t have the same impact and would “lose” something in the giving. For the “pro-box” camp the argument is clear cut and they’ll always supply any branded USB flash drives they give out in presentation boxes and in some cases they might even go the extra mile and get the presentation cases printed as well!

USB Presentation Tin

The “anti-box” camp will conversely argue that there is already too much packaging in the world today and this packaging is just adding to the world’s growing waste problem. So for them irrespective of the benefits of supplying their USB flash drives in a simple cardboard gift box it’s simply a non-starter and metal tins or wooden boxes (even those from sustainable sources) are just a complete “no, no”.

So the arguments are clear and come down to a trade off between how environmentally friendly and eco-conscious you want to be versus a weaker impact when the USB flash drives are handed out.

The images here illustrate just how good branded USB flash drives can look when presented in a gift box. Whether to order a gift box with your drives is a judgement call you’ll have to make!

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