USB Flash Drives Now Only £1.95

Finally there is some good news on pricing of branded USB flash drives.  After what seems months of turbulence in the flash drive market things seem to be settling down a little and the currency market seems to be swinging back in our favour and helping things as well.

The net of the net is that the price for 1,000 USB flash drives fully printed and pre-loaded with data has now fallen to £1.95. This is the price for a 128MB version from our standard “Classic” series and includes all print set-up and origination fees and data loading fees up to 100Mb. Unfortunately because of higher UK print costs the offer only applies to orders where there is sufficient time to print the flash drives and ship them in directly from our factory in China.

So, if you’re in the market for some USB flash drives printed with your logo or brand and you’re ok to wait a couple of weeks for them then now is an excellent time to be placing an order.

If you’re a new customer you won’t have to pay for your USB flash drives until the day before we deliver them to you. If you’ve ordered from us before then subject to a credit check we’ll be able to supply them to you on 30-day payment terms – just speak to your account manger about a Trade Account application.

Classic USB Flash Drives Classic USB Flash Drives

At these prices USB flash drives are ideal for trade shows, exhibitions and press launches where they tend to be given away in large numbers. If you plan ahead and get all of your sales material, press releases etc. pre-loaded onto the USB drives then the savings you’ll make by not printing your collateral can more than offset the purchase cost of the branded USB drives.

Although 128MB flash drives are considered by some “small” in terms of memory storage its worth considering that only 2-3 years ago they were the most popular memory size sold and you can still store lots everyday files on a 128MB stick. Its only likely to cause a storage issue if you use the flash drive(s) to store large numbers of photographs, media files, and/or music files. As a promotional product a 128MB USB flash drive is still more than adequate and why pay more for additional memory that most people won’t use.

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